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After rebirth, my wife wants revenge every day

After rebirth, my wife wants revenge every day

After rebirth, my wife wants revenge every day

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    After rebirth, my wife wants revenge every day
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    South to the world
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    Wine Novel
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2022-09-17 21:14:50
Xiao Zha in the history of Wuzhou recorded: in 430 years of troubled times, Qi Nan was defeated in the northwest. The king of Qi Nan was angry, and the eldest son was in trouble. The whole family was destroyed and blood flowed thousands of miles. The young general of Chang sun held a long sword to block thousands of troops and horses alone being forced to the ancestral hall of the family, he vomited blood and said: "the way of heaven is unfair, bullying our people, killing our soldiers, heroes and ghosts, we will pay for our blood." it rained heavily in March and snowed in June, and great grievances were buried in the loess she jumped the tripod and sacrificed herself for the sword. Once she died, after years, she turned into a sword spirit and came back bloodthirsty. She had a long sword in her hand and died in ten steps. Her feet were full of white bones, but she provoked the "timid" Hou ye, who was ridiculed by people all over the world in the past. She pretended to be weak and shameless and hid behind her for protection "Yueyue, I went to the court today to consult a book by Li Wenxiang. He will definitely go to the hunting ground to kill and ask for protection." "Yueyue, the king wants to hunt in the hunting ground. I can't shoot arrows. Please take it and ask for protection." "Yueyue, the horses they sent are too strong. I dare not go there and ask for protection." "Yueyue, there is a creaking noise in my house recently. I'm afraid and ask for protection." The people sneered: the general Hou ye, who holds all the military power in Southern Qi, can't do martial arts? Can't shoot an arrow? Dare not train horses? Are you kidding? Then the people sighed again. The Marquis is shameless. He is the first in the world in five continents and four countries many heroes come out in troubled times, and the past is dusty. She rises in troubled times and points to the former king. He bows his head and sends the soldiers of the five continents to defend her. Hundreds of thousands of troops support her behind and stand side by side with her: "long Sun Yue, claim the Emperor..." History of the five continents, will send troops and write generals. Loyalty is meaningless. It's ridiculous on the court, in the mansion, conspiracy theory, deep love and cry, Yueyue protection.