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Ender s game matches life with the daughter of man

Ender s game matches life with the daughter of man

Ender s game matches life with the daughter of man

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    Ender s game matches life with the daughter of man
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    Le wanwan
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2022-08-06 00:37:49
Interstellar daily text crossing the earth invaded by the alien Zerg war, or the female companion (?) who only appeared in three chapters although the female partner who passed through has a low starting point, she lives on the street first. Keep positive and optimistic, harvest love, save friends and set foot on the sea of stars identity 1: the boss of a street gang scene: self-reliance, do it yourself and have plenty of food and clothing identity 2: open + diligent medical students scenario: learn skills well and defeat bad guys identity 3: the accompanying medical officer of the protagonist group scene: the "background board" (?) identity 4: confidentiality (?) scene: confidentiality (with a pet?) identity 5: the man's wife scene: the couple scattering dog food everywhere PS: I. non film version, the original work to. "Ender's game" series books are mainly used. The story starts with "shadow". The plot follows the original line in the early stage and jumps out of the original setting in the later stage 2. In order to meet the timeline of the original work, the male master will appear in Volume 2 (spoiler: the author himself also takes the sugar of male and female master CP) Third, office workers cannot be violent, but they insist on writing and updating every day IV. obsessive compulsive disorder, fixed-point update, fixed number of words (set a chapter of about 2000 words for the first time, which can't be changed temporarily, and it must be done neatly). It must be finished.

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