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The stars lit up the light in the hut

The stars lit up the light in the hut

The stars lit up the light in the hut

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    The stars lit up the light in the hut
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    Pearl and taro balls
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-09-22 18:10:39
Can the stars light up the lights in the house? Yuyao, 16, thinks so. The star is the lamp that can illuminate her cabin. Chu Ran is the star later, Yuyao knew that he was a star, a star of others and a star of thousands of people, but she was not alone later, she understood that the stars could not light the lights in her cabin, so she didn't want them, but the stars came to her cabin window at dawn and told her "my heart sailed to the waning wind and wanted to go to the shady Island wherever" the waning wind blew Yuyao's heartstrings, but she closed the window without hesitation finally, the star named Chu ran shone on her cabin. The sun rose and set in the East and West countless times. He finally waited for the moment when the light in her cabin was on at that moment, Chu ran belonged to Yuyao, and Yuyao belonged to Chu ran. Since then, the light in the cabin has been on for the rest of his life.

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