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Encounter demon

Encounter demon

Encounter demon

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    Encounter demon
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    Taishan old demon
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    Cool Novel
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2022-08-17 15:35:24
In previous lives, she killed people without blinking an eye. She was a bloodthirsty Yue in the eyes of immortals in this world, she came back, not human, not demon, not ghost, not immortal, and shrank at the foot of wane mountain one day, she met a beautiful man who could turn her into an adult, so... "Gu Xun, I want to go home with you." "Gu Xun, give me a hug. Then, I'll give you a hug." "Gu Xun, let's come to spiritual practice?" GU Xun, who has been quiet and devoted to the Tao, finally lost his soul in the provocation of Su Yu, Become someone's personal bodyguard on call since then, Gu Xun has a mantra, "ah Yu, don't make trouble..." men and women are strong and strong, and both are reborn the female master disguises herself as a man, and her strength is tantalizing and sweet to honey teeth. Kill demons, fight monsters and clean up the residue relaxed, sweet, funny, cool, super a, dressed as a pig and ate a tiger

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