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The proud flower under the cold palace

The proud flower under the cold palace

The proud flower under the cold palace

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    The proud flower under the cold palace
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    A side dish
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    People Books
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2022-05-14 07:50:16
Only because the emperor was afraid, he was forced to enter the palace. Mutual affection, but unwilling to admit, two proud ghosts. When Yin and yang are separated, it is a new generation of Ming Jun... "it is said that Shu GUI broke a Begonia flower, took it on his head and was killed!" "isn't the Begonia flower the man's favorite flower? Look for death! It is said that the emperor hates her most and gave her white damask." -- "Concubine AI loves this Begonia flower so much that I think it's absolutely beautiful." "emperor, I think it can't be picked. A flower is not as beautiful as a tree flower, just like... Being outstanding is not as outstanding as many people. Is that the truth, emperor?" "concubine AI is really smart." "thank the emperor for his praise." ― "I'm afraid it's true to see the empress like this?" "Mammy, is the truth important? What's the matter?" "I don't know."... " - " the emperor is afraid of falling in love with the imperial concubine? "" dare you take care of my head? I don't have. " - it is well known that the emperor likes to wear green clothes. But I don't know that he hasn't worn them since the imperial concubine entered the palace. The emperor hates white most since her death.

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