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Eccentric heartbeat

Eccentric heartbeat

Eccentric heartbeat

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    Eccentric heartbeat
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    Rising chocolate
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    Wine Novel
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2022-07-05 17:39:06
Lin Li is famous in the circle. He is notorious she is recognized by insiders as a high-profile artist and a recognized artist with bad deeds Lin Li has illegitimate children, seduces popular young students, plays big cards, and has no acting skills, which is widely spread in the fan circle fans shouted 'Lin Li gets out of the entertainment circle' just then, Song Yi, the young master of Jingquan, spoke for Lin Li "Lin Li is the meat on the tip of my heart." just as everyone was preparing to attack Song Yi, Song Yi's fans threw out the main resume - Song Yi, the crown prince of S.G consortium, is called the young master of Beijing circle. He has won the awards you know and don't know - scold Song Yi and let him get out of the entertainment circle and go home to inherit his family property, so that my baby can seriously be the young lady of S.G consortium entertainment reporters can't catch up with Song Yi's background. They can only choose Lin Li, a soft persimmon no acting skills have been put on the hot search again but this time, Lin Li's various awards successively hit everyone in the face famous composer fan Su: Li Bao yyds, I'll call you for ten thousand years a famous director: Lin Li is one of the best actresses I have ever seen a popular love bean: I like Lin Li next second, Song Yi replied: your number is gone (sweet and spoiled, full marks for face skills, two-way rush to the eternal God

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