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The only girl

The only girl

The only girl

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    The only girl
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    Lengyan girl
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-09-05 00:54:14
That year, when he was eight years old on a sunny day, he was born unable to contact girls other than his mother, otherwise he would have systemic allergies and seriously endanger his life she was five years old that year. She didn't know that she would have countless marriages with this little brother in the future. Her name was Zhen Kaixin that year, he met her. She was so special to him that she wouldn't make him allergic. Unfortunately, over the years, he has never met her again. He has become a freak in the eyes of others. He does not contact girls and does not shoot intimate plays with girls. Nevertheless, he has become the most popular and best performing star overseas. He is Yu sunny.

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