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Enemy princess, she s crazy

Enemy princess, she s crazy

Enemy princess, she s crazy

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    Enemy princess, she s crazy
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    Touch and cherish ink
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2022-05-26 11:51:56
The six countries competed for supremacy, and the state of Jiang was defeated the treacherous minister did harm to the country, but he married his eldest princess to the state of Nanyue for peace the war broke out again in less than one month, and King LAN, the eldest princess's brother, died in the war. Since then, the state of Jiang has fallen Jiang Yuerong spoiled his life until he married the Nanyue state. He didn't know the conspiracy between the emperor and the prime minister I think her brother, King LAN, was originally the legitimate son of the heavenly family, but he died miserably on the battlefield because of the suspicion of the current emperor and his successor once reborn, the situation changes, and King LAN goes to war again, Jiang Yue must taste the blood of his former enemies... Li Xiao has been lurking in Shengjing for many years. It should be said that he only recognized Jiang Yue, the legitimate eldest princess of the state of Jiang. When the state of Jiang was defeated, he wanted to make him a beauty but Jiang Yue will never put down her pride and her brother LAN Wang it's a pity that when he took the iron cavalry to enter the state of Jiang again, the beauty he loved when he was a teenager has married others as a wife... And died in a foreign land... Li Xiao has more or less some regrets... plot tip: Shuangjie, no dog blood, green tea, white lotus and villains.