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Rebirth for your pet

Rebirth for your pet

Rebirth for your pet

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    Rebirth for your pet
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    Sweet Jiuqu
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-04-27 13:45:23
Sang Li never felt lucky until she met him. She was cold-blooded and ruthless in the eyes of others. She was the Regent of thunder. Only then did she know that there was such a person that when you met him, you felt that all the suffering in the past was worth it. I don't know when, sang Li always dreamed of some strange scenes at night, some of which took place in lingguo. Some places are very strange. They are so sad in their dreams that sang Li always finds tears wet in her pillow when she wakes up, but when she wakes up, sang Li can't remember what she dreamed of and seems to be looking for someone. And seems to be running away from someone. Sang Li doesn't know what's wrong with her? Until Qi Jing told his parents that he would get married after collecting, sang Li somehow grew fear from her bones. So she escaped. Walking through the sea and mountains, you can always find the answer in your dream Mingyi always felt that she was a person who climbed out of the dark abyss. Until she met her, her frowns and smiles were vivid, as if she was born with light. Only then did he know that people have to wait for someone in their life. When she comes, you think it's worth it. In previous lives, when I met her, she had withered like a pear. He changed his life against the sky and was determined to change his pet for the first time.

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