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Gu Zong s sweet little wife

Gu Zong s sweet little wife

Gu Zong s sweet little wife

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    Gu Zong s sweet little wife
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    Peach juice green
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    365 Books
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2021-12-23 00:30:31
[Shuangjie + rebirth + combination of strong and strong!!! Tear green tea by hand!] an Nuan died miserably in the last life everyone who loved her died for her the young master who cares about his family and is not favored, she obviously hurt him to the extreme but he died for her! He loved her as life, but she hated him as an enemy return from rebirth hum I'll tear green tea by hand and let the last life hurt her better than death and Hei hei, marry Gu Moshen in the room an Nuan is smiling in front of the sea of Anjiang "Grandpa, wait and talk to those outside! As for the marriage between the two families, I'll talk to Gu Moshen myself!" a pound! The old man knocked on the floor with a crutch, and an Nuan looked over there... An Nuan! How can a girl come to the door to ask a boy for marriage! Can you believe that I beat you to death with a stick! on the hall, a man looked black "I, Gu Moshen, would like to take ten miles of red makeup as my employment, swear to love only one person all my life, and ask to marry an Nuan as my wife all my life until death!" "Nuan, what do you think?" Anjiang asked an Nuan, and Gu Moshen also turned to an Nuan. "I will!" an Jianghai looked at the two people in front of him and almost knocked an Nuan's head with a stick. What? I will! I'm asking what you think! This smelly girl! Gu Moshen's mouth can't stop rising. If the little girl had this consciousness earlier, he wouldn't have planned for so long!

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