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Sister nongmen wants the family to prosper

Sister nongmen wants the family to prosper

Sister nongmen wants the family to prosper

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    Sister nongmen wants the family to prosper
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    Bai Gao
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    Pc Books
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2022-05-26 15:48:47
Once through to 1995, she became a 17-year-old peasant elder sister who was as poor as a rag, and her parents died they left their six siblings, a 77 year old grandmother, three soil embryo houses and a foreign debt of 20000 yuan at the beginning, grandma forced her to recruit a door-to-door son-in-law to bear the responsibility of raising her brother and sister if you come, you will be at ease. Send away your son preference grandmother and make a fortune by making sugar with your brother and sister as soon as I made some money, I met relatives who robbed the secret recipe... my brother was sold when I came back from a long trip, so I had to take up legal weapons to protect my family... build a new house and run a factory. Accidentally, I became the most capable person here I tried to bring up my minor brothers and sisters, and promoted the prosperity of the whole family... I also gained a sincere love... note: crossing is the biggest golden finger, from poverty to family prosperity.

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