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New River God daily

New River God daily

New River God daily

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    New River God daily
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2022-06-19 07:14:47
Jiang Miao was qualified to be a God because he sacrificed himself to save others yuanshitiandao promised to give her a holy palace and two assistants as long as she passed the examination. Equal to her daily life after becoming God, just lie down and eat of course she agreed as a result, things are far from as good as heaven said just in order to pass the examination, Jiang Miao was shut down by heaven for 500 years in fact, there is only land in the holy palace the assistant did, but she had to pay the assistant's salary -- JIANG Miao is a river god who desperately recruits talents for the holy palace in order not to work in the future -- recruitment information of Heshen Palace: recruit talents who love to work, with unlimited types (those who can control water are preferred)