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The rose pricks her

The rose pricks her

The rose pricks her

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    The rose pricks her
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    Drowning in coffee
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-08-18 06:46:47
Roses are beautiful, but some people forget that rose branches are thorny Ji ran knows that if her father didn't save Wu Shuchang who was kidnapped and trafficked by accident, she should have a different life. Between ups and downs, she has a "close sister" Ji Jing, a half father and half mother. Then her family broke down and became the daughter of the chairman of Wu International... one is always making trouble and the other is always wiping her ass. Ji ran once again caused great trouble, Wu Shuchang felt tired for the first time... ["Ji ran, you're crazy, he's 20 years older than you!" "so what, he loves me!"] ["dare to hurt Ji Jing, damn you!"] ["Ji ran, you'll regret it!] [" Wu Shuchang, CEO of Wu International, you won! I admit defeat! "] She is the luckiest and the most unfortunate one. Ji ran finally understands that this is life and the best arrangement. A growth story of sisters who love and are loved, redeemed and redeemed.