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Mountain farmhouse of rebirth

Mountain farmhouse of rebirth

Mountain farmhouse of rebirth

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    Mountain farmhouse of rebirth
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    Golden goose Pingfeng
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    Free Novel!
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2022-05-14 07:59:12
You Rui was the heir of you's Department of gynaecology, but when she opened her eyes, she became a cannon fodder girl in a sweet favorite article, or the control group of the hostess. As a contrast, you Rui ended up marrying an old bachelor who died in childbirth. When she was forced to marry, there lived a Silent Hunter on the mountain of Yueya village, You Rui chose to marry him and in the imperial capital, there lived a slightly insane Regent. He grew up in a bloody bath. Power and killing were necessities for him to survive when the situation was stable, the old doctor suggested that he find a hobby from the bottom of his heart to suppress his desire to kill in fact, he liked the wild interest of mountains and forests, At first, he just built a rockery in his yard to cure his illness. Later, he created a false identity for himself outside he couldn't extricate himself from his pastoral life gradually, he would forget his true identity. One day, when he returned to his house, he suddenly remembered that he had a little wife outside

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