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    A song of cold white
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    Garden Novel
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2022-01-20 09:06:22
The first: the spirit of resentment and the crown prince of Yangshuo I am the spirit of resentment. I live with heaven and earth and was born to destroy heaven and earth... I am the crown prince of Yangshuo. I believe in the way of heaven and love and swear to influence all things in heaven and earth... the second: evil leaders and decent leaders of evil sects My name is Bai Liwu. My place of birth is Bai Liwu, Gradually grow into an evil cult devil that frightens everyone. Because of a special man, everything becomes different... My name is Si Fengtian. When I was born, heaven fell a vision, and gradually grow into a decent leader respected by millions of people. Because of a wrong choice, I measured the irreparable consequences... the third generation: (the roulette of fate intertwined them again. If you want to know what will happen later, please see below!)