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Please wear a mask, Mr. five

Please wear a mask, Mr. five

Please wear a mask, Mr. five

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    Please wear a mask, Mr. five
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    Pivot book
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    Wine Novel
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2022-06-26 21:09:09
Under the novel coronavirus pneumonia, what kind of sparks will you get from the strongest spells and the reconers? Br > you: Mr. wutiaowu, please wear a mask and keep a distance during the epidemic five points: Hi! Wife as soon as I looked up, I saw a tall man standing in front of you with a pocket and an inexplicable smile magician! No masks, goggles good, you just like this fearless man you waved to him, he walked up to you without surprise, and you spoke with him at the same time "magician?" "mask?" the man in front of him spread his hand. He didn't know whether he didn't understand you or what the mask was. You repeated it patiently< Br> "this gentleman, at present, the situation of COVID-19 is grim. Please do your best to protect yourself and take the mask out." -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- , you lift your throat swab and stretch out to the five open mouths. Br > soon, you will find that you can't touch him anyway. You stop outside his pink lips and can't move any further "what's going on..." "this is the five teacher's unlimited technique." "no... Lower... Limit?" "in short, the closer you get to the teacher, the slower you will never touch the teacher." the five Enlightenment lifted up one side of the eye mask, revealed a beautiful blue eye, and blinked at you "I said, I'm the strongest."

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