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Oh, I accidentally hung my head

Oh, I accidentally hung my head

Oh, I accidentally hung my head

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    Oh, I accidentally hung my head
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    Pear court dissolving moon
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    18ws Read
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2022-07-03 02:22:43
Tang Yi wears a book called "ascending to the immortal". His task is to save the male Lord Chu Yi, let the male Lord have a beautiful childhood, so as to make his heart good, and then train him to become a talent to save the world she just came too early. By the time the man was born, she had obtained the magic tools of the world in the book, and the system welfare was distributed every once in a while. This task seemed very easy after ensuring that the male leader's parents were free from worry, Tang Yu directly smashed magic tools for the male leader to practice. However, later she found that even after she gave the male leader a carefree and unimpeded life, she still couldn't change the outcome of the male leader's madness only then did she know that the final customs clearance task was not so simple.