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The young emperor came to escort

The young emperor came to escort

The young emperor came to escort

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    The young emperor came to escort
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    The One Book
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2022-05-31 03:13:21
Serious copy: She, the top killer of the 21st century, put down the butcher's knife for that obsession, but accidentally crossed and came to his world. He, his royal highness, the incomparable little emperor in the demon world, is a peerless Tianjiao, but his fate is ill fated. His spirit is twin and changeable. A young intersection across time and space left her heart on him. From then on, she kept thinking about 3000, all for you. A young intersection across time and space, let him make an oath to protect her forever. Time and space toss, fate is changeable, I would like to protect you forever! I will never forget you! She is his destiny, the intersection of fate, let them meet again across time and space, she is his robbery and his fate. He is her obsession and the direction she pursues. Random copy: once the ace killer crossed, she was split by thunder... from then on, she opened her troubled and mysterious cultivation path... ice and Snow Canyon, lava fire Valley, fog forest, nebula secret place, and monsters poured out... cangyue magic forest, ghost forest, The city of time is full of all kinds of dangers... How can she survive in such a difficult situation... of course, the dangerous moment is: shaohuang, hurry to escort... Copy of the game version: welcome to Fengyuan mainland. Thunder robbery still has five seconds to reach the top of your head. Please be ready... welcome to Fengxi mainland. The monster still has five seconds to arrive at the scene, Please get ready... welcome to the land of gods, ghosts and demons. The young emperor still has five seconds to arrive. Please get ready

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