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Moon velvet Festival

Moon velvet Festival

Moon velvet Festival

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    Moon velvet Festival
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    Moqianxun snow
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    Free Trial Novel
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2022-08-17 07:11:44
Zhu Yu stepped on the snow, walked to the entrance of the cave and cleaned it up. He could see the sleeping people in the cave, their unchanged face, light pink long skirt and dark hair, but their feet were wrapped by the light beam, which was rooted underground and connected the vein of swallow mountain and the world Zhu Yu seems to see that the veins are extending, branching, extending, branching, and then distributed to every corner of the world. Through these veins, Xiaoxue's Yuehua velvet transmits spiritual power to those who have spiritual opportunities he seemed to see the flowers in full bloom, the harmony of the world, the orderly growth of the wild land, and the step-by-step reincarnation and reproduction of the world. He began to burst into tears, his heart tingled, and he thought of the war and the scene of fighting with the demon God.

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