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Sick Prince Lai

Sick Prince Lai

Sick Prince Lai

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    Sick Prince Lai
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    I eat Yuanbao
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-05-23 18:30:56
It's said that Miss Ye Si of Hou's residence has a hard life and can kill six relatives and evil spirits when the third prince Liu Heng was ill, the emperor slag waved his hand and asked the third prince Liu Heng to go out of Beijing and enjoy the treatment of conquering evil deeds around Miss Ye Si. Maybe I'll get better one day Ye CI: the prince is here. Ah, I'm so nervous then he gave the prince a slap in the face, and the prince's treatment fell from the 360 ° invincible scenery on the flat floor to the old and broken small Third Prince Liu Heng: guests are welcome Ye CI: Your Highness, hurry back to Beijing! My temple is too small for you Third Prince Liu Heng: Your Highness lives comfortably and doesn't intend to leave Ye CI: big loss Third Prince Liu Heng: Yes, it's a big loss. Money and people. Miss Ye is responsible to your highness!

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