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The emperor s rose is wild and rustling

The emperor s rose is wild and rustling

The emperor s rose is wild and rustling

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    The emperor s rose is wild and rustling
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    A cat listening to the wind telling stories
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    Yipin Books
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2022-08-06 07:34:38
At the age of 18, Lu mang is the white moonlight in the hearts of your children she is delicate, open and often careless with a sense of burnout like a lazy wild rose - in college, Lu mang butted a man against the wall, half raised his eyes and said carelessly - "being my boyfriend costs 100000 a month." Fu Chi Han's eyes were as deep as the sea, "you do this to good-looking men?" - after the Lu family's accident Lu mang was forced to give up his studies and enter the entertainment industry at this time, Lu mang knew - the man she threatened and lured at the beginning now the film emperor in the circle is actually the top rich family in the capital and the second young master of the Fu family - countless bosses are eyeing this defeated wild rose even Fu ye, who has always been noble and cold-hearted, was drunk for her all night finally one day - he put her against the corner of the wall and his eyes turned red, "Lu Mang, why do you give up me?" [down and delicate wild rose] × Paranoid young master] [pseudo sea king] × Pure love] [it seems that they have their own heart, but in fact, they have a two-way secret love] reunion + entertainment + marriage before love

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