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The bodyguard sister is too rusty

The bodyguard sister is too rusty

The bodyguard sister is too rusty

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    The bodyguard sister is too rusty
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    Nine tail fuzzy
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    Air books
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2022-07-06 15:40:03
Gu Jin received money to handle affairs at the beginning. She thought it was easy to protect a love bean, but she regretted it in two days< Br> why does she have to hold several positions as a bodyguard? The driver is her, the assistant is her, and the photographer is her... Su Yuze: "as my personal bodyguard, I should be on call 24 hours a day. You can sleep in the living room at night."< Br> Gu Jinchu:... there is no such clause in the contract, is there? Is this a bodyguard, not a full-time nanny? It happened that the teacher's life was hard to disobey, and she endured it< Br> in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, she disguised herself as a man< Br> but one day, when she opened the door in her skirt and was confronted by the camera, she blew up, and the whole network blew up 35; when the traffic is popular, Aidou lives with a woman \< Br> gujinchu: "Su Yuze! Explain it to me quickly."< Br> Su Yuze: "explain what? Don't you live in my house?"< Br> gujinchu:... The more he mews, the darker it gets. Is this a live broadcast? Live broadcast< Br> cameraman:... Shall I go< Br> after a while, Su Yuze mercifully explained, "introduce yourself, this is my bodyguard."< Br> fans:!!! wtf? They have been drinking CP for a year, and they even have the wrong sex< Br> the cold bodyguard who follows his brother every day is not a boy! But a beautiful sister? Dying, sister, kill me< Br> a female bodyguard with a cool appearance but a lot of thieves in her heart × Cool guy's appearance and actual personality are pure men who love beans

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