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After rebirth, she just wants to study

After rebirth, she just wants to study

After rebirth, she just wants to study

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    After rebirth, she just wants to study
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    Summer night big dipper
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    365 Books
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2022-07-11 14:20:13
Funing was reborn with a very popular system [Ding -, here is the self owned Golden House learning system in the book. I'm glad to serve you.]< Br> Fu Ning: "< Br> then... [10 points will be awarded for completing the homework independently!] [the correct rate of dictation is 100%, and 20 points will be awarded!] [Chinese quiz, first place in class, 100 points!] [300 points will be awarded if you enter the top 100 in the monthly examination!] [50000 points will be awarded if you successfully enter a famous university!]< Br>... Fu Ning: "you talk so much, what can this integral do?" [Ding -, the point product 'floating sugar' is unlocked. Do you want to use 500 points to exchange it?]< Br> Fu Ning: "floating sugar? What's it for?" [bleached sugar makes you beautiful unconsciously.]< Br> Fu Ning touched his acne all over his face and exchanged one with a try mentality< Br> the next day, she looked at herself in the mirror and exclaimed, what kind of magic is this< Br>... in high school, Fu Ning chased Jiang Chiyi, who said, "are you too idle?"< Br> as a freshman, Jiang Chiyi looked at Fu Ning with some sadness and said, "didn't you originally threaten to catch up with me? Why did you give up halfway?"< Br> Fu Ning's eyes stuck on the page and replied, "am I too idle? I want to study and have no time."< Br> Jiang Chi pursed his lips and said, "I have time. Shall I come after you?"< Br> Fu Ning: "..."

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