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Lu ranzhou returns

Lu ranzhou returns

Lu ranzhou returns

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    Lu ranzhou returns
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    Wen Ying
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    Woske Novel
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2022-07-10 06:24:49
Teacher Cheng, this is Chinese class< Br> Yan Ran smiles beautifully. teacher Yan, I'll listen to a class. The headmaster is pressing< Br> riding a boat still smiles. the expression of eating melons on the face of the students in class 2, grade one of senior high school at the bottom Yan Ran feels that he must have done something unjustifiable in his last life. In this life, riding a boat is such a thing to harass her. in the eyes of students and others, the two of them are young and beautiful. Only Yan ran himself knows that returning the goods by boat is a pure white cut black dear Davari, Brother Zhou accidentally made your old class angry, so< Br> everyone under the stage has a bad feeling don't forget to write history while there are many Chinese homework tonight< Br> Qingmei, who met and accompanied her from childhood, finally completed the best thing in her life in the battle of wits and courage with students after becoming a teacher touching Qingmei × Natural and unrestrained bamboo horse, who says that bamboo horse is invincible to heaven about the love and hatred of Chinese teachers and history teachers in those years, there are words from class 1 and class 2 of senior high school

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