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Hundred demons walk in the daytime

Hundred demons walk in the daytime

Hundred demons walk in the daytime

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    Hundred demons walk in the daytime
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    The eleventh cat
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    Day Books
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2022-07-11 23:05:06
Cheng Luo, who moved to the countryside with his parents, ran into a hundred demons walking at night. It seemed that only he could see them. After that, he found that monsters would actually wander around during the day, and human misunderstanding of them also troubled them. "Everyone is actually a good monster." Cheng Luo's new deskmate is Yunyi, the master of all demons. Cheng Luo slowly finds out the story behind Yunyi while getting along with various monsters< Br> snow girl: brother Cheng Luo, come and make a snowman with me< Br> Puppet Master: Cheng Luo, do you think my new human idol is not like you< Br> rain falling monk: Cheng Luo, help me carry the lantern. It's too heavy< Br> guhuoniao: Cheng Luo, how about being my child? My mother promises to feed you fat< Br> River boy: Cheng Luo, the plate on my head is missing. Sobbing< Br> Tengu: I will fly you to chengluo, and I will fly you< Br> Qingfang owner: wooden fish! I like wooden fish< Br> Yunyi: go away! Cheng Luo belongs to me today< Br> Cheng Luo:? Has anyone asked my opinion?

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