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Not crazy

Not crazy

Not crazy

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    Not crazy
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    Yan Yu said
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    Cool Novel
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2022-07-04 20:36:55
"Only those who have been injured can understand what kind of pain it is?"< Br> as a small vice president of the company, Zheng Yumo has the power of one person under tens of thousands of people, so he has the momentum of a strong man; But as soon as I got home, I suffered more painful torture than bullying, so I was cowardly and timid< Br> Jiang Yuzhe is a company Xiaobai who is still assigned by the supervisor even if there are all kinds of grievances. However, he has extraordinary ability, but this is only him before the night comes. After the sunset, he is a frequent guest of the nightclub. Even if he is unwilling, he can't drive away this annoying "brother", but only in this way can he protect the painful wail until I met him / her< Br> in the eyes of others, we are crazy. And only when we know each other, what kind of injury we have suffered, can we make us who we are now. Cure each other! Become what we really want to be!

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