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Quick wear no introduction

Quick wear no introduction

Quick wear no introduction

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    Quick wear no introduction
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    Misty rain on the street
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    Free Trial Novel
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2022-07-06 11:39:18
Ning Xi is counting her money until she is soft. This is the hard-earned money she earned as a gold medal bodyguard for 20 years. The boss is dead, and she can finally retire< Br> there was a wave in the space. A ragged piece of junk fell in front of her. She unconsciously picked up the rags and the rags disappeared instantly< Br> a weak and urgent voice came from the brain. "Ding, the host has been bound, the task has been started, and the task has been transmitted" Ning Xi:< Br> system: "host, I'm the strategy system. You just need to strategy the male gods in every aspect to get a favorable score, and then you can reach the peak of life and achieve eternal life" Ningxi: "strategy? Nonexistent" Ningxi: "punishment? Ah" Ningxi: "system, your existence is to lie flat. Don't mention the strategy to me, or I don't mind letting you continue to be a dilapidated metal" system: shivering, Forced to transfer no strategy, no love brain

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