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Quick wear salted fish turn 1

Quick wear salted fish turn 1

Quick wear salted fish turn 1

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    Quick wear salted fish turn 1
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    Insect flying Fairy
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    Weixin Book
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2022-07-03 15:58:11
As a slacker, Yunchu just wants to be a salted fish and lie flat< Br> alas, life< Br> just be lazy< Br> especially when a lazy person has a strong golden finger against the sky, laziness seems to be a more reasonable and natural reason for her< Br> when someone wants to oppose her< Br> she would say to people: why! You must make trouble with yourself< Br> however, some people will still say: you have such a powerful golden finger, why not benefit the world< Br> Yunchu:... she doesn't want to say anything, because she knows it must be very tired to talk to such a person< Br> tell her (him) that she (him) will have countless reasons to refute you< Br> but she still insisted in her heart that she just wanted to say: I just want to be lazy and lie flat. You have the ability to beat me! Hit me< Br> Yunchu's inner tip: I will fight back, and when I can beat you, I will beat your mother who doesn't know you.