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After wearing books and escaping, the four disciples blackened

After wearing books and escaping, the four disciples blackened

After wearing books and escaping, the four disciples blackened

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    After wearing books and escaping, the four disciples blackened
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    It's not salted fish, it's idle fish
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    Air books
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2022-07-03 17:04:21
[1v1, slicing the male master, the male master is the same person] Yue Ying wore a book and put it into Feng Aotian's novel called the day spoiled by the apprentice group in the book, the female owners with the same name and surname are respectively as amnesia princess, disaster demon, robbery immortal and noble God I met four beautiful and powerful men and accepted them as apprentices one after another it happened that Yueying was unlucky and didn't wear it from the beginning of the book the place she crossed was just after raising all four disciples the unexpected frequent failure of the book wearing system is even worse it not only delayed the time of wearing books for 12 years, but also deleted the first half of the content Yue Ying is in a very awkward position at this time, the four disciples had deep feelings for her, but she disappeared in their eyes for twelve years System: "as long as the host finds back the lost plot in the first half and eliminates the grievances of the four men, we can go back smoothly." Yue Ying thought for a moment. If she wants to return to reality quickly, she can only cooperate with the system as much as possible * * the cold and aloof national master is solemn and solemn in front of him. Turning his hand over is cloud and covering his hand is rain. When he sees her, he calls "Your Highness" fondly the son of bad luck who kills people without blinking an eye, avoids the world to make atonement and prays for fortune. When he sees her, he will blush with pure love the evil looking black devil king did all kinds of evil and collected money everywhere, but he was willing to give all his treasures to her he is arrogant and arrogant, the son of the Dragon God. He is arrogant and deliberately makes trouble just to attract her attention Yue Ying: "these are not important. I just want to finish the task and go home quickly."... male master slice, female master amnesia, sweet pet

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