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Master Qian, your apprentice ran away

Master Qian, your apprentice ran away

Master Qian, your apprentice ran away

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    Master Qian, your apprentice ran away
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    A leaf grass with fallen leaves and Autumn
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    Daily Novel
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2022-06-16 21:49:37
When I first met him, he was my team leader. His skin is very dark, a bit like an African. My hair is a little non mainstream. I'm still an ordinary employee and can't do anything. I was originally a member of another team. Where he was short of staff, I was pushed by my original team leader. The first sentence I said was: "team leader, why are you so black?" team leader Qian took him directly to the workbench without saying a word. Team leader Qian: "come and do this. You won't be looking for me." I started the workbench task, but I found that I didn't teach me how to return. I asked him many times and said no. Team leader Qian said, "if you can't do anything, how can you survive?" I was speechless. I watched him teach me patiently. I finally said, "master, great," but I don't know why I like to follow his little tail. Once I had a fever in the morning. I wanted to call my best friend, but what happened! Call your master. I coughed and said, "I have a fever, so uncomfortable!" Team leader Qian: "I'll go after I change my clothes. You change your clothes and wear a coat. Wait for me!" I heard the master speak in a hazy way. Team leader Qian will directly hit you when you have a fever. I haven't returned my fever. Master, do you have a girlfriend? Why are you so good to me! Team leader Qian: "I'm asking if I can keep the child well." Later, it was found that the master had regarded me as his child and devoted himself to seaside tourism. Group leader Qian: "will the child turn around and be my girlfriend?" A sudden confession. I looked at the master and I said, "if you catch up with me, I'll be your girlfriend." I ran to the beach and watched him come slowly. Only I began to run as an apprentice for a day.

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