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Those years of Luo manxing

Those years of Luo manxing

Those years of Luo manxing

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    Those years of Luo manxing
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    Gu Gu's a city
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2022-05-16 22:09:57
Ten years together, in exchange for his cold back when his country collapsed and his family died. The best friend and the most beloved father all left themselves in that star wars. The mountains and rivers are broken, the wind is floating, the life experience is floating, and the rain hits the Ping. After reincarnation, she was again involved in the endless war. The memory of her previous life, such as thousands of vines, bound her to death. Unexpectedly, she found that the person she loved most in this life was him, and her father and best friend were also on this blue planet. Although fate makes people, Ji Yuncheng is not a coward who accepts her fate. She vowed to find out the truth, eradicate the public enemy of the universe and return justice to the stars.