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The whole network wants to wear a rich cat

The whole network wants to wear a rich cat

The whole network wants to wear a rich cat

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    The whole network wants to wear a rich cat
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    Milk tea with Sprite
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    18ws Read
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2022-08-04 22:04:44
The richest man's family picked up a little milk cat and fell in love with the little princess who went up to her grandparents and down to her home. He even called it the coldest president in the family. Adults all love it in the richest man's house: Little Princess: "all the money I earn is for Shu Shuhua, wearing the most beautiful princess dress and eating the best cat food for Shu Shu" everyone in the family: "Shu Shu is the most precious gift left by Wan'er. Of course, it's so cute. It's OK to ask for anything." in the chief tailor's house: a president: "The little guy wants to shoot an advertisement, equip her with a car and arrange eight bodyguards." after Shushu becomes a man, a president: "Shuer is good. There are bad people who want to abduct you outside. You can't trust others. You can only trust me, because no one loves you more than me." netizen: "Shushu has money, beauty and men. She really wants to be a rich cat!" Cute and sassy fairy cat × President of Qingleng Jinggui cat slave

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