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Rebirth of black men is hard to match

Rebirth of black men is hard to match

Rebirth of black men is hard to match

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    Rebirth of black men is hard to match
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    Sparse cherry
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    Air books
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2022-05-30 12:09:41
Shang eucalyptus, who was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, fished and read the hot sadistic article - "Xiuxian Boat Tune", which turned out to be a vicious female companion in the book. The original main tune, Bao NvZhu, is a fake daughter born in a rich family. She studied in Yaze sect and has been silently admiring the male leader Ye Kezhi. She is very jealous that the new female leader Pei Liluo is concerned by the male leader, and she is so jealous that she has lost her heart and wants to kill the female leader. After exposing herself in repeated secret failure, Shang Eucalyptus lost popularity bit by bit and finally became a depressive villain suspected by thousands of people. At the end of the novel, Sun Ji, the male matchmaker who deeply loved the female owner, kicked him to mend the sky, and ended up with a frightening end Shang eucalyptus, a history researcher, has no system binding. He can only know the plot in advance as a golden finger in a book facing the male owner, the dog head retreats and resolutely does not have any feelings; In the face of female owners, do not fight or rob, return the golden title of rich and powerful families, and firmly take safeguarding the cause of female owners as the mission; In the face of men's match, the plot line is completely collapsed, so we can't peep. We can only rely on improvisation. He has been tortured and killed by male partners. Shang eucalyptus, who is weak and helpless, can only hold his legs in tears and die, hoping to change the outcome of being kicked to mend the sky [Chang Sun Ji's perspective]: to be reborn, I just want to make up for the regrets of the previous world and catch up with my younger martial sister. But I don't know when the obsession disappears. My eyes are attracted by the slender figure. I can only see the person abandoned by the family, who is obviously lonely and helpless but pretends to be free and easy. Obsession turns into protecting Shang Eucalyptus from any further injury Shang eucalyptus, a clever woman of historical materialism × Rebirth of white cut black male leader Sun Ji supporting role: former female leader Pei Liluo; Original male master Ye Kezhi

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