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Spirit lamp wish

Spirit lamp wish

Spirit lamp wish

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    Spirit lamp wish
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    Yan Luoqing
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-05-30 23:24:38
Tens of thousands of years ago, the heaven was ruled by the female emperor. Later, the Qi of chaos flourished and the seal was broken. The channels between the demon world and the heaven world, the demon world and the human world are opened. The war was triggered. Later, the female emperor fought with the devil for three days, and half of her accomplishments were scattered to defeat the demon family and seal the demon king. And she was scared herself "demon world", "just name her wish! Spirit wish!" In the main hall of Wan palace stood a woman with gorgeous makeup. She said this with a smile. From time to time, I also looked at the small powder in my hand. The eyes and eyebrows are full of kindness. This person is the demon queen of the demon world. The demon emperor on one side was also happy. Immediately announced: "she will be the little Lord of our demon world in the future." the three little guys standing at your highness almost jumped up in surprise. After looking at each other, they all smiled happily. "We have a sister, we have a sister!" two days later, the demon world will be in Daqing and tell the world twenty thousand years later the demon clan is in turmoil again and people are in panic. There is no female emperor in the heaven. How will the situation develop

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