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After saving the shark, he stuck to me to kiss

After saving the shark, he stuck to me to kiss

After saving the shark, he stuck to me to kiss

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    After saving the shark, he stuck to me to kiss
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    Flower branch sleep
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    People Books
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2022-05-26 10:49:16
[Lengyan YanDiao BA's chief sister vs Ke Chunke's brother] her debut is the peak. When she has won international awards for many times, she is abstinent, cold-blooded and has numerous fans in the world an international film conference attracted the attention of the public, and the reporter asked him about his next plan "the next step is to propose." fans and media all over the world are excited, wondering who the girl he can like is, and generously sending blessings at the same time Xie Qinghuan, a big man in the entertainment industry who has never opened a social platform, suddenly opened a circle of friends. A new dynamic spread all over the network: "I should do such a thing as proposing marriage." netizen: what's the situation?! What does guanxuan mean before long, an insider revealed that the business tycoon, the resolute female bully, had prepared a diamond ring as big as an egg to propose to the national male god, which shocked the whole entertainment industry the grand scene of the proposal detonated the whole network. At the same time, some people felt that it was not worthy of Xie Qinghuan to interrupt the door from time to time just as everyone was talking, the mysterious family with a long history boarded the hot search: "congratulations to the owner of the family on successfully marrying himself." people found out that the so-called national male god is an international tycoon with industries all over the world. Every family lives in different continents netizens exclaimed: "it turns out that the clown is myself."