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Hot infatuation

Hot infatuation

Hot infatuation

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    Hot infatuation
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    Diffuse with the clouds
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    Hotel novel
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2022-05-17 13:08:01
"Help me!" in the cold night of Rongcheng, I was relieved to meet a beam of light she said: "when you need it most, someone gives you a helping hand. Will you be grateful to him?" Huo Jinsheng, the son of Huo's parents, is a graceful and graceful professor in the History Department of Rongda the man helped the leader escape from a bad marriage and married him with gratitude on the eve of his marriage, he signed an agreement with her and felt at ease that he could terminate the marriage at any time smile at ease: "do you think I will meet the person I like?" Huo Jinsheng asked, "why not?" he gave her confidence and hope, but never gave himself a chance when Anxin learned that he suffered from avoidant attachment mental illness, she understood why he was always cold and hot, why he didn't dare to respond to her love, why he didn't care in his words and restrained in his eyes the more he disobeys his heart, the more he avoids it. The more determined she is, the more she wants him to admit that he has her in his heart this time, she will cure his heart disease... on the day of the wedding again, Huo Jinsheng, who was badly beaten by the bridesmaid group, faced the last hurdle< Br> the bridesmaid made the same request: "I can only enter the house after saying ten words of peace of mind." Huo Jinsheng pinched his temple and finally opened his mouth: "I love peace of mind. One sentence is enough." Bridesmaid: "No." Huo Jinsheng said with a smile, "I'll only tell my wife the remaining nine sentences." that night, I heard more than nine love words at ease.

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