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Female emperor of Daye

Female emperor of Daye

Female emperor of Daye

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    Female emperor of Daye
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    A thousand birches fall
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    Passion Novel
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2022-07-12 09:46:40
Xie Yunchu, known as Daye waste, is doing harm to the world under the name of Xie LIULANG just do... Your shit after LIULANG became a girl of six, he pursued objects from Yongjia platoon to Bianjing but Ji Jing's speech is a bright moon in her heart, which no one can replace many years later, she won the supreme position and was dressed in a dragon robe if he were alive, he would be proud of her he once said: "no woman is inferior to a man. You can also set your mind for heaven and earth, set your life for the people, and open peace for Daye!" the stars change and the world changes. She finally... Did it.