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When the cool beauty took the fishing script

When the cool beauty took the fishing script

When the cool beauty took the fishing script

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    When the cool beauty took the fishing script
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    S Acid sugar
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-08-05 21:16:25
[1] for some time, it was widely said in the circle that the second master of Jingquan was stopped by a little girl to propose outside the club, which made people talk for a long time "go back." he walked into the club with his wife in his arms, without half pity someone asked who the little girl was. They only said that the little girl had a thin skin and left after she was rejected in those years, she walked through the scenery of the north and enjoyed Xiaoxiang in the south pole, but she didn't know that she had been on the tip of her heart for several years after she left * "Jiang Yan, will you wait for me?" "Mr. Ruan, what am I waiting for you? Wait for your prodigal son to return without changing money, or have you been among the flowers without touching a leaf?" that was the first time Ruan regretted it · [II] when Jiang Yan first saw Ruan Jiang, he was still a small powder ball. He was lazy, stood behind her, pointed to a math problem in the fourth grade of primary school, and said in a warm voice, "wrong." he spoke carefully and in a low voice, making fun of her with a sentence or two of Beijing dialect from time to time * the crisp smell on his body made Jiang Yan remember for ten years ·· Jiang Yan is a person with deep obsession. She is addicted to Ruan Jianglin's idea, but she trusts her heart to the bright moon, but the bright moon shines on the ditch so she attacked her mind and went step by step. When Ruan Jiang was confused, she withdrew and left she is right. President Ruan has a strong desire for possession. She always wants to get it. After that, Ruan Erye went all the way from the Mississippi River to the grassland of South Africa in order to pursue her * she smiled and asked, "Ruan Jianglin, have you made up your mind? Am I the person you're looking for?" "I'm here to bask in the sun?" * [cold beauty] × Beijing circle boss / scheming girl × Real prodigal son] Guide: men are real prodigal sons! Women's main attack plan chasing wife crematorium

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