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Put on a Mrs. ban out of thin air

Put on a Mrs. ban out of thin air

Put on a Mrs. ban out of thin air

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    Put on a Mrs. ban out of thin air
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    Xiaoxue Fei
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    Light Novel
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2022-05-25 20:00:50
Bai linger, who loves to read through novels and has watched several TV dramas of huanzhuge, has gone through a journey What's more strange is that she went through the era of huanzhuge and met those characters in her favorite TV dramas Bai linger, who is still full of meaning after watching the grand finale of Huanzhugege, happened to meet Benjamin who left Erhai alone. She dreamed of countless possible sequels of Huanzhugege. Now she has to witness and experience it with her own eyes so, where will Benjamin go and what will he experience after leaving the perfect Benjamin? Can the perfect family reunite? What kind of wonderful story will Bai linger create what? Bai linger is going to visit the mountains and rivers with Benjamin. Isn't that right? Is he going to Great Britain? What will they experience along the way don't be afraid. Bai linger, who came from our journey, is a leader in the military medical field. She can not only practice medicine and see a doctor, but also farming, doing business and fleeing for a living. Such a strange woman has fascinated the simple, honest and infatuated foreigner ban all the way later, Bai linger was also deeply loved by every member of perfect, and became another apple of Qianlong's eye!

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