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Exclusive pet Online

Exclusive pet Online

Exclusive pet Online

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    Exclusive pet Online
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    Zhen Yue
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    Bestair novel
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2022-07-13 06:52:54
Readers: 947605169 there is no love at first sight. They are doomed to escape... the unexpected fire ignited the flame of fate... Lin Yue's submission and Xu Lingchen's helplessness directly created the fact that the two were forced to live together Lin Yue felt ridiculous when she was dumped by her mother and father to this strange little uncle who was not related by blood when Xu Lingchen thought of taking care of the little girl, it was ridiculous! Both of them feel troublesome and want to end this absurd cohabitation life as soon as possible at the beginning of cohabitation: Xu Lingchen: "little girl, learn how to classify garbage." Lin Yue: "I know, little uncle. I won't ask you what garbage you are anymore." Xu Lingchen raised a playful smile: "OK." just living, it seems that something has changed... Lin Yue: "I'm leaving! Why do you care about me?" Xu Lingchen grabbed the person, "no! Your parents entrusted you to me, and I'll be responsible for you." Lin Yue: "I don't need it!" Xu Lingchen's eyes were dangerous and overbearing, "say it again." One day in class, Lin Yue was stunned at the substitute teacher who walked into the classroom. Isn't this the little uncle who fought with her at home all day? Why is he here? she looked up and saw Xu Lingchen's smile on the corner of her mouth. Lin Yue was like an ice cellar