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After the rebirth of the end, my family are big men

After the rebirth of the end, my family are big men

After the rebirth of the end, my family are big men

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    After the rebirth of the end, my family are big men
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    Fledgling field's white eyes
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2022-05-25 12:31:20
Bai qiramie died after only three years in the last world before returning to the end of the world, I accidentally opened my portable space, which also included ancient mountains and seas and exotic animals unexpectedly, the whole family became big men this time before the end of the world - Bai Yifan asked his sister, "did you dream that the end of the world was coming? How was I?" "you didn't run as fast as our parents, but fortunately - the fat water didn't flow into the fields of outsiders!" Bai Cuizhu looked calm Bai Yifan: after the end of the world - Bai's mother, the mortician, waved her hand, and the zombie was scorched outside and tender inside by the thunder power. Bai's mother subconsciously frowned, "I really want to make up for them!" Bai's grandmother, who was a medical examiner, calmly dug the crystal core, "its jaw is prominent. It looks like the ground covers the sky, and the makeup is not good." Bai Yifan shook her hands and held a sack to collect the crystal core, Strong don't cry grandpa Bai, the people's teacher, and father Bai, the gold medal lawyer, boil oil in a pot, use the strongest power and get the most poisonous beating to make the best meal mountain and sea monsters with unique skills - Qinyuan rubbed on the ground by Bai Qizhu: "master, you look as gentle and kind today as before!" Tao Wu: "let me block me from drying clothes for the master." water cob: "come and use me as a clothesline." cold night white article - cold night white has a dream recently. He dreamed that he was sliced by someone, There was also a beautiful girl who was sliced together. He thought it was a dream until one day, the man in the dream appeared in front of him.

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