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Love you as before

Love you as before

Love you as before

Rating: 9 / 10 from 49523 ratings
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    Love you as before
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    Xiao Luoyi
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-05-14 14:42:39
Lin Yi, a girl from a poor family, has excellent grades and is clever and sensible. She always thought she lived under the protection of her parents, but she noticed her parents' preference on the eve of the high school entrance examination. The harm brought to children by the preference of native families is sometimes devastating. Lin Yi, who has failed in the high school entrance examination, dropped out of high school, lost his job and failed in business, has long honed his invincible body. The youth beloved who has been guarding him has gone away from home when they are about to talk about marriage. Where should she go at this time? Please enjoy xiaoluoyi's novel "still as before, love you as before"! More highlights, daily updates

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