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Jump and jump and become a God

Jump and jump and become a God

Jump and jump and become a God

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1108 ratings
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    Jump and jump and become a God
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    Young peach
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    Qishi Book
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2022-05-24 20:09:31
A girl fell down a cliff and came to a mysterious cliff top. Here she met a deer acting as an NPC. The deer has been following her, so she sometimes called it a silly deer and sometimes called him to set a deer... I also met a flower named Fuhai. This flower has a little story with the divine tree. She is willing to eat melons and watch them at the same time what? If this dance is done well, it will become a big killer. I will learn it well. Immortals fight and ghosts suffer. It's important to protect her life before she has no strength, so she learned one dance after another and gained a loyal dog along the way. This loyal dog will accompany her to reincarnate for thousands of years. Only when she returns to the throne, will she be in heaven and earth.