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Xuantong: cherry blossoms are coming

Xuantong: cherry blossoms are coming

Xuantong: cherry blossoms are coming

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    Xuantong: cherry blossoms are coming
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    Xia yuxunzi
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    Lava Novel
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2022-03-01 20:06:49
Again, he broke his appointment... "I..." she choked, "another Cherry Blossom... Withered..." her hand stroked the withered cherry blossom in the air, and her heart withered when she caught the petals, the cherry blossom was slowly withering, just like she loved him... -------------------- "I like you! Can you associate with me?" a boy held a bunch of flowers in his hand, knelt down on one knee and said to her "yes... I'm sorry... There's someone in my heart... There's no room for others..." she said -------------------- "why!! why did your family treat her!!" he roared at her, and many people came to watch because of his roar "I... Not me... You..." she is now speechless and her heart is like despair ---------------- "well, it's not bad. I've made this for a long time." she took out the biscuit she made herself and handed it to him "Hey, eat this well." for his food, they must have eaten it with a smile. They smiled instantly ------------------ "you... Finally came back! I've been waiting for you for a long time!!" she watched him hug another girl with her own eyes "OK" at this time, she paused in her heart and watched the two hugs with her own eyes. She couldn't say it in her heart ---------------------- "this time... You broke your appointment" "the cherry blossoms have come" "but... You're not here"

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