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My parents can t afford it

My parents can t afford it

My parents can t afford it

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    My parents can t afford it
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    South Shuluo
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    Daily Novel
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2022-04-25 23:53:54
After mu Qingluo died, he thought he could stop. Who knows, he was robbed by a shameless idiot who claimed to be a system, signed a life and death contract with it for no reason, and shouted [host adult, work hard, let's go to the peak of life] mu Qingluo looked at the elegant building in front of him, 788 [host adult, give up, you have no money] mu Qingluo "Do you have it? When I was a novice, 788 [host, run, we're a vegetable chicken now, we can't beat him.] when mu Qingluo was just ready to move"... " veteran, [host, they're provoking you. Beat them so that their parents don't recognize them] Mu Qingluo looked at a group of people across the street, at least twenty of them. He looked at Er qiezi 788 expressionless and bumped the colorful tiles on her hand. "You go first." 788 [host adult, they occupy our territory!] mu Qingluo took out her colorful tiles "calm down, I'll Neng kill them."

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