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The spring breeze doesn t control her

The spring breeze doesn t control her

The spring breeze doesn t control her

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    The spring breeze doesn t control her
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    Mu Congsheng
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    Weixin Book
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2022-01-17 12:03:17
Fu Yuanning was married when she was still in her womb, and her fiance was Shen temple, the only son of the Duke of Shen state in Kyoto. She was very powerful SHEN temple's biological mother is just a dancer, but it happens that this humble dancer has great luck to be pregnant with the only son of Duke Shen Xiao's mother in Shen temple is handsome and extraordinary. She has a pair of peach blossom eyes. She is an unmarried woman in Da'an Dynasty. She is the dream lover of countless girls unfortunately, Shen temple has been married for a long time. It is the direct daughter of Fu Zong, the southern prefect of the Yangtze River. She is talented and beautiful, and has a similar portal, which makes countless girls feel sorry Fu Yuanning and Su Yun were childhood sweethearts. There were no accidents. They would work together all their lives, but God was not beautiful. There was more than one accident she has been married for a long time. In order to be with her sweetheart, she doesn't hesitate to ruin her reputation, but she doesn't dare to take care of her family too much. However, scholars in Jiangnan all say that the daughter of Fu Taishou has only her appearance and unbearable behavior. She rides horses in the street and bullies men and women unfortunately, these rumors were spread to Kyoto, and the Shen family never withdrew until the second year of Xianning, before the Fu family was exiled, the Shen family sent someone to withdraw their marriage soon the Fu family was condemned and exiled to the northwest it's a pity that Su Yun is an infatuated lover. Despite the fact that the Fu family is like a hot potato, without saying a word, he welcomes Fu Yuanning into the door. The wedding procedure is incomplete. He only gives concubine gifts, but this kind of deep friendship is well known all over the world Fu Yuanning thought that she would grow old with Su Yun in this life. After a spring breeze, she had another entanglement with the Shen Temple she had never met

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