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She is such a man

She is such a man

She is such a man

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    She is such a man
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    Dessert is not greasy
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2022-07-03 16:16:08
Introduction 1: it is said that the second son of the Wen family of the four immortal families is a "waste" and "sissy" in the immortal world, which makes grandma half dead. (the hostess disguises herself as a man) the "man" in red plays with the spirit snake whip on his hand, turns it into a black fire stick, turns it into a smart snake whip, and finally directly retracts his wrist into a Black Bracelet inlaid with Phnom Penh. Looking at the leaders rolling on the ground, he looks helpless: "It's all a legend. Do you believe it? It's also said that I'm a saint of the demon family who kills people without blinking an eye. Do you believe it? looking at the people who were scared to flee, Wen Yiran waved to the black chicken watching the excitement and said," go away, you like to gloat nearby. Be careful, I'll pluck your hair and stew you directly. " The black chicken shook its body and recovered its original body. Its colorful feathers shone brightly. It threw a caterpillar on the ground towards Wen Yiran. Wen Yiran was so frightened that he begged for mercy: "how can there be such a spiritual pet? I'm not good, you can still be good! Good fire, if you're a good Phoenix, you don't have to see the truth with me. Grab it quickly. I know you like eating caterpillars best." When Huohuo heard the last sentence again, he glanced at Wen Yiyan silently. "You might as well bake me directly!" Introduction 2: Wen Yiran, who has lost his mind, has been reborn after ten years of suffering without seeing the sun. It turns out that you are still waiting for me. male leader, the boss of the cultivation world, I have been looking for you for ten years. After waiting for you for ten years, others have respected me, praised me and regarded me as a model, but I am still afraid that I don't deserve you.

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