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HP long night is coming

HP long night is coming

HP long night is coming

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    HP long night is coming
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    Xu Yan
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    18ws Read
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2022-05-26 06:49:59
Leia and her brother Harry grew up in her aunt's house. The aunt's family was very unfriendly to them. Their cousin always bullied and laughed at them... when Leia was seven years old, she scared away her cousin Dudley and his partners because of her out of control. It was also that time that she met a man who called himself Snape in a black robe, I know that out of control was called a magic riot at the age of seven, Leia knew that she was a witch and that there was magic in the world for the first time, but she didn't believe that all this was real. She thought it was just a dream in recent days until her eleventh birthday, there have been a steady stream of letters, each addressed to her and her brother, and even the address can be written in detail with Hagrid's appearance, Leia and Harry stepped into Diagon Alley Leia met a boy in Diagon lane. Although his way of speaking was not very pleasant, his platinum blond hair somehow reminded Leia of the sun... Hogwarts's adventure life is about to start guide to entering the pit: 1. CP is brother Yange. The ending is he and OOC. It is privately set like a mountain 2. Logic is eaten by giant monsters 3. Female master snake yard! Snake yard! Snake yard! Say important things three times 4. Generate electricity for love, but not for pleasure × fall

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