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The poisonous beauty of your highness

The poisonous beauty of your highness

The poisonous beauty of your highness

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    The poisonous beauty of your highness
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    Tang songchu
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    Canela books
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2022-09-23 03:01:38
His highness Ding was originally a little monk in the temple. He didn't know what evil scriptures he had read over the years. He never softened his hand when killing and cutting fruit. He said, "who says compassion is the Buddha, I say killing is also the Buddha" when he grew up, he was really a quiet young man. The first time I was on a business trip, I happened to meet a girl who was happy to take off Your Highness Ding's three dreamy words, which is true and which is false? Whether true or false, she listened to it anyway it happens that she is a master of drug making. I was on guard day and night. Finally, I was poisoned by her in bed she laughs, she makes noise, and he seems to be annoyed keeping one person is love, protecting ten thousand people into benevolence you are charming and unparalleled, and you don't pity when the lights are dim, the moon cannot round if you look across the horizon, you will return.