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Rebirth Koi little girl

Rebirth Koi little girl

Rebirth Koi little girl

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    Rebirth Koi little girl
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    Qi Yang
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    People Books
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2022-09-22 14:14:58
The boy of the Xu family Sanlang, who had bad luck, tried again and found a girl on his way back people in the village say that the girl is too flirtatious. She even walks askew. I'm afraid she's not a fox Chu jin'er is wronged. She's just a little carp, not a little fox with a bad smell no matter how the widowed mother of the Xu family objected, Xu Sanlang married Chu Jiner it's also strange. Since Xu Sanlang got married, the good deeds of the Xu family have come one after another Xu Sanlang not only passed the children's test, but also passed all the way to the palace test the widowed mother of the Xu family, who was originally suffering from persistent diseases, is getting healthier and healthier day by day even the Xu family's two acres of land have a lot more income in Chengdu than other families the villagers suddenly realized that what Xu Sanlang picked up was not a fox spirit, but a lucky star Chu jin'er shook her head like a rattle. She kept emphasizing that there was empty talk next to her. Hard work can get rich.